Beautician training


The training consists of the theoretical and the practical portion.

The theoretical portion: course participants will learn about the modern concept of the chemical peeling application, absolute and relative side-effects, adverse effects and adverse effect management. They will also learn how to approach patients and what precautionary measures they need to take to make the whole treatment safe and comfortable for the patient.

The practical portion: in the practical portion, course participants will adopt a proper technique of patient preparation, chemical peeling application and patient consultation about further skincare following the treatment by skin type and its specific issues.



Xenia Doctors Centar encompasses the Syneron-Candela laser training center. The training consists of the theoretical and the practical portion.

As a result of advanced medical technology, lasers are immensely popular and versatile in the field of medicine (surgery, physical medicine, trauma emergency medicine, dermatology, cosmetics). They are also important for aesthetic medicine and antiaging treatments.

Here at Xenia Doctors Centar, we organize training for the use of Syneron-Candela lasers and devices used in cryosurgery, electrosurgery, and dermoscopy. We are also the general representative and distributor in the territory of Serbia and across the region.


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