Cellulit removal and body remodeling - Vela Shape III

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Cellulite is an issue which over 80% of women over 20 experience, regardless of their body weight or shape. As a result of the accumulation of excessive fat, fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue become enlarged, leading to wrinkled skin (the so-called orange peel effect). The result of advanced technology, VelaShape III combines infrared light, radio waves, vacuum and the massaging effect of rollers to achieve maximum and precise heating of the skin tissue, 3 to 15 mm deep.


Using this unique technology, VelaShape III applies high heat to fat cells, their surrounding fibrous septa and collagen fibers underneath.


The treatment is simple and painless. The regions for which this treatment is typically used are the back and front of the thighs, the outer and inner part of the thighs, the buttocks, the abdomen, the upper arm, the double chin.

The area of the body which was exposed to the treatment may remain warm and read due to better blood circulation and the skin becomes instantly tighter, while its structure becomes improved.

You can now treat your trouble zones that make women feel unhappy with their bodies without seeing the surgeon. With over ten years in the market, numerous studies conducted and over 5 million treatments performed across the globe, as well as the highest number of published research in comparison with any other medical device aimed at reshaping the body, VelaShape III is the most recognized non-invasive treatment available. Highly efficient for circumference reduction and treatment of cellulite, the improvement becomes gradually visible after the very first treatment, when the skin starts to become smooth and firm.


What exactly is VelaShape III?

VelaShape III is an FDA-approved medical device used for the reduction of cellulite and the circumference of the abdomen and the thighs. It is the latest such device. The treatment is popular because it is non-invasive, comfortable and improves the appearance of the trouble zones which are results that can hardly be achieved using other methods.


How does that work?

VelaShape III combines four different mechanisms: infrared light, radio waves, vacuum, and mechanical massage. These four types of energy act in synergy by heating the fat, promoting the production of collagen and the connecting tissue under the skin, as well as by improving blood circulation and lymph drainage of the treated area. As a result, the metabolic process of the body becomes faster and the skin becomes tighter.


Can any part of the body be treated?

Yes, except that VelaShape III is typically used for the buttocks and the thighs. The abdomen and the hips are often treated due to unwanted fats accumulated in those areas. Treating the upper arm is possible as well.


Is it only intended for persons with cellulite?

No, because treatment using VelaShape III is perfect for anyone looking to shape their body and lose excess centimeters. The treatment can be adjusted to any area depending on the nature of the issue and the desired outcome.


Is a single treatment enough to solve the issue?


Sadly, few things in life can be solved at once. The problem is that many external and internal factors affect our body and may lead to cellulite. However, the first visible results can be visible after only 3 treatments, when the circumference becomes reduced by at least 3 centimeters.

To maintain a beautiful body figure and prevent new cellulite from forming, patients should undergo 1 to 2 maintenance treatments every 4 to 6 months to obtain the best results.





How long does each treatment last?


The duration of the treatment depends on the surface and the number of areas being treated. One area is about the size of a piece of paper, and the treatment of each such area may take between 20 to 30 minutes.


What is the best way to maintain results?

The ability of one person to maintain the shape of their body may be completely different from another. People who are naturally fit will find it easier to maintain good results, while others will have to work out harder and be mindful of their diet. All in all, the best way to stay in good shape after VelaShape III treatment is to have a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Are there any risks?


VelaShape III is a very safe procedure. Minor bruises are possible but rare. As with any device using energy to produce heat, there is always the risk of skin burns, however, with well-trained staff, such risk is reduced to a minimum.


Is there an alternative to VelaShape III?

VelaShape III is the only FDA-approved device for the treatment of cellulite and reduction of the circumference. It is unique as it combines infrared light, radio waves, massage, and vacuum. Alternative treatments may employ solely radio waves, infrared light or massage, but they lack the synergistic effect that VelaShape III and its combination of different types of energy boast.

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