Hyaluronic acid treatment

Revanesse and Redexis

For a large number of patients, effective correction of facial wrinkles does not require an invasive aesthetic procedure. Excellent results can be accomplished using non-surgical methods. Among all the non-invasive facial procedures, treating wrinkles using skin fillers stand out as an especially popular choice. The most sought-after and the most popular filler is hyaluronic acid, which can be found in the human body, especially in the skin, eyes and joint cartilages. It supports collagen and other types of connective tissue fibers. Hyaluron is a substance that efficiently retains water, hydrates the skin and rejuvenates the skin. Here at Xenia Centar, we use Revanesse and Redexis hyaluron fillers which achieve outstanding results.


What are hyaluron fillers?


Fillers are hyaluronic acid in gel form, prepared for injection into the skin. Simply put, it is a substance used to fill wrinkles on the face. Hyaluronic acid fillers are usually applied to prominent nasolabial wrinkles and lip plumping. They are also used to add volume and freshness (tone) to the skin of the face and cheeks. Hyaluron fillers are the ideal solution for anyone looking to remove deep wrinkles on the face without undergoing surgery. They are also perfect for procedures of increasing volume of the lips, cheekbones and cheeks and yield excellent results by rejuvenating the skin of the arms, cleavage and neck. The procedure lasts 10 minutes or so, after which the patient is free to go back to their daily activities. Immediately after the injection, the injection site may become red and slightly swollen. The redness usually goes away in a few hours, while mild swelling may last up to a few days. This procedure is extremely popular nowadays because it is fast, produces immediate effect, has a fast recovery period and carries minimal risk of complications. Revanesse Redexis is the only hyaluron gel filler available which contains sephadex biodegradable particles which become degraded after two years’ time, leaving new collagen behind. It is ideal for contouring the face, such as the cheekbones.

When to start using hyaluron acid?


Sometimes, this is necessary as early as at the age of 30. At 40, the application of hyaluronic acid is deemed absolutely necessary. Hyaluronic acid preserves the skin’s original appearance by attracting hundreds of water molecules, meaning it provides nutrition to the skin and gives it a more youthful appearance.


How are they applied?


The first step is to achieve anesthesia in the desired skin region by using an anesthetic in the form of a cream. Then, by using a thin needle that leaves no scars, we will inject the hyaluron into the dermal layer of the desired region. Regions that may be treated this way are as follows: – forehead wrinkles – wrinkles around the eyes – wrinkles around the mouth and marionette lines – nasolabial wrinkles – wrinkles on the neck – filling the lips – filling the cheekbones – undereye circles


What is the effect?


At the mention of hyaluronic acid, most patients think of wrinkle filling. Nowadays, however, fillers are seen from a totally different aspect. When discussing the application of fillers with the patient, we look at the face as a whole, especially the parts which have lost volume. The point of applying hyaluronic acid is to achieve the appearance that the patient had several years before. Therefore, it is about taking all these aspects into consideration and focus on a comprehensive application on the face: contouring by adding volume and not just by filling wrinkles. The power of fillers is that even a small amount of the product can be used to treat isolated zones of the face and achieve outstanding results.

What are the benefits of hyaluronic acid treatment?


The main advantage is that, unlike surgical procedures, this type of treatment does not require a long recovery period or anesthesia, yet yields fast and very noticeable results by reducing the signs of aging that patients are concerned about. Statistically speaking, treatment by injection is always exceptionally successful.

What are the adverse effects of hyaluronic acid treatment?


At the site of the injection, mild swelling may appear within the first 24 hours. In rare cases, patients may develop bruises which disappear within 3 to 4 days. In extremely rare cases, there may be an allergic reaction to hyaluronic acid at the site of the injection which causes the skin to harden and become red. However, this reaction can be treated and go away soon, without affecting the normal appearance of the face.


The advantage of hyaluronic fillers

Fillers used in the past were mostly based on collagen of animal origin, which required an allergy test prior to application. The fillers would be reabsorbed in 3 to 6 months. A huge advantage of fillers available nowadays is that they are made of hyaluronic acid which can be found in human skin, which is why allergic reactions are extremely rare. Hyaluronic acid molecules have the capacity of water retention which allows them to hydrate the treated regions of the face. A different composition of fillers with components of varied density enables the surgeon to reshape various regions of the face. Products made using smaller particles are softer, smooth and good for correction of the lips and fine lines. Products of higher density and a rougher structure are best for the treatment of deep wrinkles, such as the nasolabial furrows.


povecanje jagodica, hijaluronski fileri, hijaluronska kiselina

(before and after increasing the cheekbones of the Revanesse Redexis filler)

Revanesse treatments

The Revanesse ® dermal filler family contains cross-linked hyaluronic acid (HA) in the form of a gel solution. This new method of reticular cross-linking creates a natural hyaluronic acid polymer, which is considerably stronger than traditional cross-linking, as well as being more permanent than other HA fillers.


REVANESSE® IS PERFECTLY SAFE. It is obtained through biosynthesis and contains no animal products.


The longer the implant stays intact, the longer will you benefit from its application. Viscosity is one of the most important factors in the duration of the implant. It allows Revanesse ® to be more resistant to the body’s attempts to absorb and break down the hyaluronic acid gel. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the skin, as well as being vital for the hydration of the tissue and its elasticity.

Revanesse ® is naturally incorporated into the tissue and allows the passage of vital nutrients. Your skin remains perfectly healthy and normal. Since Revanesse® is not a permanent filler, it allows you to re-evaluate your needs and to modify or continue treatment at your own discretion.

ReDexis® is a long-term, non-permanent filler which lasts for 12 to 18 months.

ReDexis® Ultra is a more long-term, non-permanent filler of high volume. The results are expected to last 24 months. Unlike other dermal fillers of high volume currently available in the market, ReDexis® Ultra is easy to inject. Treatments are relatively comfortable and only require the use of the 27G needle. No incisions or cannulas are needed, which guarantees the patient’s comfort and satisfaction.

Both products lead to reliable, lasting results, which means you will not need to make frequent visits to your doctor’s office in order to undergo additional treatments. Again, these treatments do not have permanent effect, which allows you to re-evaluate your needs and to modify or continue treatment at your own discretion.