Laser hair removal - ELOS technology

We perform this type of laser hair removal using the Syneron ELOS system and our many years of experience in its application. For over ten years, the technology has been yielding outstanding results and represents one of the most painless methods for the removal of all hair types on all skin types. ELOS Technology (Electro-Optical Synergy) uses two types of energy for hair removal: RF (radiofrequency) or “current” and IPL (optical energy).


Permanent hair removal nowadays is accomplished using lasers (coherent rays of light) and IPL (pulsating dispersive light, making it less painful). In both cases, this technology destroys the hair follicle by applying high heat to the hair melanin which absorbs the energy of light. The more melanin in the hair, the easier it gets to destroy the hair follicle. Unfortunately, since melanin can be found in the skin itself, there are adverse effects, such as that energy spreads to the skin during the radiation (leading to uneven pigmentation). IPL technology reduces the issue of uneven pigmentation and spots by its dispersive, pulsating nature. On the other hand, ELOC technology adds radio frequency, i.e. electric energy (entirely independent of the melanin) builds on that to reduce the effect of light and increase the odds of destroying the hair follicles. This is why ELOS is the only technology that enables permanent hair removal (aside from electric hair removal with a needle) and guarantees hair elimination, even in case of light hair. It can also treat dark hair. ELOS is a painless method, as it minimizes the effect of the energy of light by applying electric energy.


Treatment description


It is desirable for you to show up to your first appointment unshaved so we could accurately determine the area to be treated and the type of your skin and hair, as well as determine the parameters for your personalized treatment. After shaving and putting on safety goggles, the hair removal procedure consists of pressing the tip of the device to the skin which was previously covered in ultrasound gel for the purpose of better access (the tip also cools the skin, reducing the pain felt during the treatment) and activating the laser beams methodically while going over the defined surface of the body. The duration of the treatment depends on the body's surface being treated, as well as of the body’s sensitivity.


Number of treatments


When permanent hair removal is performed using the ELOS method, about 90% of the hair gets removed after 4 to 10 treatments, depending on the amount, color and thickness of hair, as well as the color of the skin (light hair requires more treatments). The patient will receive a guarantee that new hair will not appear in the following 5 years. Of course, this does not include hair that might grow due to hormonal changes that take place as we age.


Immediately following the treatment

Exposure to UV light (the sun, tanning booths) should be avoided for at least 2 days after the treatment (and a week prior to that). Following the treatment, for a day or two, patients should avoid sauna, sports (i.e., sweating) or any other type of chemical or physical irritation. Hair will continue to grow for a while (between 3 to 14 days), after which they will fall off on their own. They will stop growing after that and hair-free areas will testify to the success of the treatment.


Advantages of laser hair removal


  • PRECISION – during the procedure, the hair is destroyed by the process of thermolysis, while the surrounding skin remains undamaged.
  • SPEED – every beam of light treats a large hair-covered surface so that, for instance, the treatment of smaller regions such as the area above the upper lip or the chin will not take longer than a minute.
  • RESULT PREDICTABILITY – 90 percent of the patients experience lasting results after 4-6 treatments on average.