What is lipolysis and how is it performed?

Lipolysis represents the latest non-surgical method of removal of fat deposits on the body. At our facility, we solely use the technique of direct injection of the active substance into the fat tissue as it yields the best results. The substance used is called phosphatidylcholine. It is a natural substance obtained from soy lecithin and plays an important role in metabolism. In medicine, it has been used for years to treat the liver and prevent fat cloths in the blood. Once injected into the fat tissue, it causes the fat cells to break down, which is why it was dubbed the fat eliminator. The process of breaking down fats takes several weeks. When the fat is broken down, it is permanently and naturally eliminated from the body, while the treated zone becomes considerably slimmer. On average, it takes 3 to 5 treatments to achieve satisfactory results. The treatment frequency for each patient is determined by the doctor, depending on the region and amount of the active substance to be applied in a single treatment.


Who is the ideal candidate for this treatment?

It is important to emphasize the lipolysis is not a weight loss and fat loss method, but a method of shaping the body. This means that it is intended for persons who have normal or slightly higher body mass, a normal diet and at least some sort of exercise routine, but are not satisfied with their body figure on account of fat in certain parts of the body that is difficult to lose.


Which regions of the body may be treated with lipolysis?

Lipolysis can be used for the successful treatment of various zones of the body: the double chin, the inner side of the arms, hips and the so-called saddlebags, the so-called cushions on the back, the abdomen, thighs, the region above the knee, or the inner side of the knee.

What are the side effects?

Swelling, redness or hematoma at the injection site are normal and expected responses to the treatment which disappear in a few days.

What does lipolysis treatment look like at Xenia Center?

After conducting the patient’s examination and looking at their medical history, the doctor will measure the circumference of the region intended for the treatment and enter the parameters in the patient’s chart, as well as prepare the appropriate dosage of the lipolytic to be injected. At our facility, we only use trusted brands such as Lypoless, a product of the Canadian firm Prollenium, which contains the optimal concentration and proportion of active substances and leads to fast and lasting results.